Storyteller Bios

  Connie Regan-Blake

Tim Lowry

Tim Lowry has been telling stories of the People, by the People, and for the People for 15 years. Telling a variety of Folk Tales and Stories from American History, Tim has presented thousands of educational programs for schools across the country. At festivals Tim entertains audiences with a mixture of Folk Tales and Personal Narrative. He also presents storytelling/communication workshops at corporate retreats. Tim Lowry grew up in southeastern Kentucky where he learned the art of storytelling from Appalachian folk who spun yarns and told tales to entertain, teach morals, and pass along local history.

Tim has made several television appearances, recorded a number of storytelling CDs, filmed a DVD, and written a storytelling handbook.

  Michael Reno Harrell

Donna Marie Todd

Donna Marie Todd is a professional storyteller, singer, writer, teaching artist and retreat leader. She is a multi-faceted entertainer who delivers perfectly-crafted performances that combine her talents as a writer, storyteller and singer. Her trove of original stories spans a wide range of topics and styles. She is also well-known in the Christian community as a biblical storyteller, and she serves as editor of The Biblical Storyteller Magazine for the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International.

Donna Marie took her performance training at the renowned Peabody Conservatory of music at Johns Hopkins University. She has starred in a PBS television series and has been active in classic theatre, radio, improvisational comedy and opera productions. Her latest projects include the Butterfly Girl Series focusing on women’s self-esteem and body image and the Spiritual Metamorphosis Project which shares insights into the journey through personal adversity and bereavement. Donna Marie’ songs and stories are featured on three CD’s – Baptism at Second Creek, Stories of Christmas, and Faith of our Fathers.

  Kim Weitkamp

Donna Washington

Donna Washington was born an army brat in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She traveled all over with world with her parents. Her father would sit at the dinner table and spin the wildest yarns imaginable. He taught her Arthurian Legend and Greek Mythology by telling the stories in the first person. She thought he had actually been with Merlin and Oedipus. She thought he was thousands of years old.

Donna is an acclaimed author (A Pride of African Tales, The Story of Kwanzaa, A Big Spooky House, and Li'l Rabbit's Kwanzaa), and a multiple award winning recording artist (Live and Learn: The Exploding Frog and Other Stories, A Little Shiver, Fun, Foolery, and Folktales, The Sword and The Rose, Angels' Laughter).

Donna has performed at thousands of schools & libraries and numerous storytelling festivals throughout the country, including the 2004 National Storytelling Festival, The Illinois Storytelling Festival, The Three Rivers Festival, The St. Louis Storytelling Festival, The NC StoryFest, The Corn Island and Cave Run Festivals in KY, and the Broward County Children's & Ocala Storytelling Festivals in FL. She also offers workshops in storytelling, writing, education, and creative drama for librarians and educators as well.

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